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Professional Services

Pythia has its roots as a services company leveraging many of the workflows and pipelines published in the Pickett lab at Brigham Young University.  Pythia’s experienced service team consists of software and pipeline developers, full stack developers, bioinformatics analysts, QC scientists, data wranglers, data scientists, project managers and scientific thought leaders to provide optimal solutions for our customers.  Our services are powered by an internal version of the CDIAM platform and a number custom tools that help our scientist quickly and efficiently find, curate, QC and analyze incoming data sources.   

DNA Strand

Pythia Biosciences Service Offerings

Professional Curation of Multi-Omics studies, Clinical Trials, Real World Data, and Pathways

•Public or private datasets of any single- or multi-omics types

•Curation of Metadata 

•Additional Metadata from Paper (including figures) and supplementary materials

•Ontology application, mapping and development services

•Data Harmonization, normalization and custom formatting

•Manual Curation with semi-automated workflows 

•Data Analysis – Choose from any publicly available algorithms, integrate your proprietary methods or custom algorithms can be developed to address unmet needs. 

Pythia Target Prediction Service Offering 

•See links to initial Pathway2Target use cases published in the Pickett Lab at Brigham Young University

1)A signaling pathway-driven bioinformatics pipeline for predicting therapeutics against emerging infectious diseases - TM Scott, S Jensen, BE Pickett (F1000Research, 2021)

2)Chikungunya virus time course infection of human macrophages reveals intracellular signaling pathways relevant to repurposed therapeutics - Madison Gray, I Guerrero-Arguero, A Solis-Leal, RA Robison, BK Berges , BE Pickett (PeerJ, 2022) 

3)Meta-Analysis of Two Human RNA-seq Datasets to Determine Periodontitis Diagnostic Biomarkers and Drug Target Candidates – C Moreno, E Bybee, CM Tellez Freitas, BE Pickett, KS Weber

•Currently evaluating use cases in blood- and solid cancers, auto-immune diseases

Pythia Tunable Biomarker Prediction Service  Offering

•Initial use cases published by Pickett Lab at Brigham Young University 

•Uses Machine learning-based classification algorithm

•Use cases with links to papers:

•322 B-cell lymphoma samples from 10 studies

•Predicted 3 biomarkers with a combined sensitivity/specificity of 99.9%

Joint Secondary Transcriptomic Analysis of Non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell Lymphomas Predicts Reliance on Pathways Associated with the Extracellular Matrix and Robust Diagnostic Biomarkers – N Rapier-Sharman, J Clancy, BE Pickett (Journal of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology)

•269 severe vs mild infections w/ SARS-COV-2

•Predicted 2 biomarkers with combined sensitivity/specificity of ~90%

Transcriptomics secondary analysis of severe human infection with SARS-CoV-2 identifies gene expression changes and predicts three transcriptional biomarkers in leukocytes– J Clancy, CS Hoffmann, BE Pickett (Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal)

Pythia Microbiome Biomarker Service Offering 

•Initial use cases developed by the Pickett Lab at Brigham Young University 

•Implemented workflow software to aid with binning, assembly, taxonomy assignment (based on meta-WRAP)

•Enables assembly of individual bacterial genomes from complex datasets

•Use case: 

•20 terabytes of shotgun metagenomics

•300 patients w/ Crohn’s Disease

•Identified novel bins

•95% similar to next-closest sequence

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