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DNA Strand

CDIAM Multi-Omics Software Platform
A Flexible Microservices Based Architecture

Pythia Biosciences created its CDIAM platform as a microservices architecture with speed of development, adaptability and customization in mind.  CDIAM stands for Carpe DIAM meaning seize the Data, Interactome, Algorithms and Machine Learning.  We live at the most exciting time in history for science when very new and very different Omics technologies, datasets, knowledge models and algorithms including Machine learning and AI are being developed at an extremely fast pace.  This pace is not slowing down and with drug development organizations requiring more and more customization, the age of platforms that cannot easily adapt to this environment is coming to an end.   

The CDIAM platform delivery is enabled by a customizable SAAS framework that can be deployed either behind the customer firewall or using private cloud configurations.  The microservices based architecture enables bespoke development, integration with public or internally built pipelines and tools (like R shiny data visualization applications) or even the ability to bring CDIAM capabilities to existing in-house computational resources.  

Tackle top challenges in Multi-Omics:

  • Conduct multi-omics experiments with an Intuitive Graphical Interface

  • Tear down the data silos 

  • Keep up with the latest data types, datasets and knowledge models

  • Integrate with public, third party and private databases and software tools 

  • Unite scientists with  colleagues in Bioinformatics, Data science and Cheminformatics

  • Share data, results and entire projects

Our Scientific and Technological Focus

Unified Multi-Omics Data Management and Analysis 

​Easily explore the various types of omics data as individual datasets and as integrated analysis workflows that can be customized for optimal performance.   

  • Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Epigenetics, Metabolomics, Microbiome, Interactome, Single Cell and Spatial Data 

  • An intuitive Graphical User Interface for biologists  

  • A command line interface for bioinformaticians and data scientists 

Adjustable Target and Biomarker Workflows 

Choose from common workflow templates or customize your own.  ​ Safety, PD Biomarker, Mechanism of action and experiment planning workflows are in development. 

Next Generation Pathway and Interactome Knowledgebase 

Multiple pathway and interactome knowledge sources and workflows, including Pythia's Intercellular Signaling Prediction.  

DNA Strand

Integration and Customization 

Microservices based cloud architecture enables rapid deployment, integration and customization.  

  • Integration with public, third party and private data sources, pipelines and applications.  

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