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Pythia Biosciences Collaborates With ROKIT Genomics To Accelerate Single-cell Sequencing Analysis In South Korea

San Diego, California, May 23, 2024 - Pythia Biosciences and ROKIT Genomics today announced a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing single-cell sequencing data analysis in South Korea. As part of this collaboration, ROKIT Genomics is appointed as the exclusive distributor of Pythia Biosciences in the South Korean market, with a focus on distributing the C-DIAM Multi-Omics Studio platform to the life science research community in Korea with exclusive discounted pricing.

Pythia Biosciences, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a multi-omics analysis software and service company, and the creator of the C-DIAM Multi-Omics Studio platform. This web-based platform offers interactive analysis and integration of multi-omics data, spanning bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, spatial transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and more. Beyond individual dataset analysis, users can seamlessly combine and summarize insights across different omics experiments to gain a big picture about biology.

The C-DIAM Multi-Omics Studio platform has been developed with a strong emphasis on single-cell RNA-seq and spatial data analysis. Key functionalities include cell type prediction, differential expression analysis, sub-clustering, marker gene identification, pathway enrichment, and workflows for target and biomarker discovery.

ROKIT Genomics, a biomedical R&D service provider in Korea, offers a wide array of services including single-cell sequencing, genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, epigenome sequencing, and metagenome sequencing. Notably, its single-cell sequencing services encompass Single Cell Gene Expression, Single Cell Immune Profiling, Single Nuclei Gene Expression, Single Nuclei ATAC-Seq, Single Cell Multiplexing, Single Nuclei Multiome, and CITE-seq, providing end-to-end support from sample preparation to data analysis.

In this collaboration, Pythia Biosciences has entrusted ROKIT Genomics as its exclusive distributor of platform licenses in the South Korean market. Customers of ROKIT Genomics will have the opportunity to license the platform at exclusive discounted pricing during the initial year of collaboration, further incentivizing the adoption of advanced single-cell sequencing analysis tools.

TaeWoo Kwon, CEO of ROKIT Genomics, remarked “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Pythia Biosciences. With the passion for research and the enthusiasm for bioinformatics analysis in South Korea at an all-time high, we are confident that this decision will greatly benefit the many researchers who utilize our services.”

“We are proud to have ROKIT Genomics as a strategic partner and confident that ROKIT will help Pythia Bio accomplish our mission to help patients by helping the incredible talented scientists of South Korea with their research goals.” says Tristan Gill, CEO of Pythia Biosciences.

For more information about the collaboration, please contact Pythia Biosciences at or ROKIT Genomics at


About Pythia Biosciences:

Every scientist is important because every patient is important.

Pythia Biosciences was founded with an aim to help scientists tackle the top challenges in multi-omics data analysis by developing cutting-edge software platforms combined with comprehensive bioinformatics services. The company's flagship platform, the C-DIAM Multi-Omics Studio, empowers biomedical researchers to analyze and integrate diverse omics datasets with modern visualizations and interactive analytics, facilitating a bigger picture about biology.

About ROKIT Genomics:

ROKIT Genomics is a premier biomedical R&D service provider based in South Korea, offering a wide range of next-generation sequencing services, including single-cell sequencing, genome sequencing, and transcriptome sequencing. The company's core services encompass end-to-end R&D solutions, such as single-cell analysis from tissue samples and customized bioinformatic analysis. Committed to innovation, ROKIT Genomics aims to accelerate biomedical research through cutting-edge solutions.


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