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About Pythia Biosciences

Every Scientist is Important Because Every Patient is Important

We work hard to understand our pharmaceutical customer's challenges and offer optimal solutions to address their critical needs. Pythia Biosciences is uniquely positioned to address the needs of our customers by combining our software and content offerings along with a wide array of complementary services. 

Tristan Gill
CEO and Founder 

Tristan is the CEO and Founder of Pythia BioSciences.  Prior to founding Pythia, Tristan has over 25 years of experience in top labs and companies including Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Paracel a subsidiary of Celera Genomics, Rossetta BioSoftware a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Ingenuity now part of Qiagen, Bejing Genomics Institute (BGI), and Clarivate Analytics formerly Thomson Reuters.  As CEO Tristan launched Chimeric Bioscience Consulting in early 2019 to bring sales, scientific support and consulting to innovative companies like BioTuring, Biorelate and ImmunEyez.

Brett Pickett, Ph.D.
CSO and Founder 

Dr. Brett Pickett completed his B.S. at Brigham Young University, his Ph.D. at the University of Alabama, and his postdoctoral work at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. His subsequent positions at the J. Craig Venter Institute, Thomson Reuters (now Clarivate), and Booz Allen Hamilton enabled him to develop and apply algorithms and bioinformatics workflows to analyze and interpret various types of -omics data in a systems biology context. Since joining the faculty at Brigham Young University, Dr. Pickett has focused on developing and applying big data, artificial intelligence, and drug repurposing methods to predict therapeutic targets, biomarkers and highly accurate diagnostics.

Neil Hocking 
VP Business Development

Neil has over thirty years’ experience in the Life Science sector, having worked extensively in both Europe and North America. He spent a number of years managing one of Sanyo’s North American businesses (now Panasonic Biomedical). In Europe he had successful sales careers with MDL (now BIOVIA) and Celera Genomics, prior to managing his own consulting business. Neil has worked with Rosetta Biosoftware a subsidiary of Merck & Co., NextBio (now acquired by Illumina) and Entelos and was instrumental in building their European businesses.


Every Scientist is Important Because Every Patient is Important

Pythia was the title of the high priestess of the Oracle of Delphi.  The most famous of prophetic women here she is imagined again with a crown of DNA to help predict and guide the path to better medicines . 


Meet the Scientific Advisory Board

Expertise, Vision and Passion.

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